Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Well, just ordered my awning fabric ...Sunbrella .
100% Sunbrella Acrylic, Repeat: 8 inches, Up the roll stripe. UV and Stain Resistant, 54" wide . $36 value .... 

I got it for 5 bucks a yard! They only had 11 yards left, so that will make my awning about 9 ft. x 12 ft.

I will be making screened side panels that velcro on.  SWWWEEET!

I was just emailed that half of my fabric I had already ordered and paid for was sold to someone else. I had already ordered my edging and trim to match, and they are absolutely horrible .
 Please beware of this company.  
Anatol's Fabric Outlet
1328 Strassner Drive
St. Louis, MO 63144

I have now ordered some off of E-bay for just about 20.00 more , but the color is much nicer,and I can order more if needed!
My order came within 2 days!!!Great Seller!!
Sailors Exchange (

350543886433 - Price: US $88.00

Great tutorial on diy awning!!!


This guy is amazing with the pulley system!

Today I am starting sewing my awning.The measurements will be 10 foot by 12 foot. 
 This is the corners , where I notched out a square.

 Reinforcement where grommets will be.

 I painted the sides with exterior white paint and antiqued it with some floor stain.

 The scalloped edges were cut using a lid for a template.

 I used a stencil from Hobby Lobby for the black scroll design.The fleur de lis was a stencil I made with a cardboard cut out.I traced it with a  black sharpie, then painted it with acrylic craft paint.

 The edges were finished with a half inch double seam binding I ordered off of Ebay.

My helper.....


  1. Hi Ms D...I just found your blog, I have a '63 1500. I have a blog for her too. I'll be checking your blog out often!

    1. GREAT !!!Could you give me a link to your blog?