Saturday, January 12, 2013



Well it's official !!!! .I pick  my canned ham tomorrow. Sooo excited to finally meet her. She is a 1963 Shasta shell waiting for her new mamma to give her the much needed love and attention she deserves.This blog will be dedicated to the transformation process.Here are her photos from the listing ....

 My angel has wings....

***********SHASTA GOSSIP***************

Yesterday was a loong day. I was so excited to finally get to meet my Shasta. Over a 5 hour total trip drive, which really ended up leaving at 9 am. and finally getting home at 9 pm.You always have to expect the unexpected when buying something almost 50 years old off of Craigslist.

When I finally got my first glimpse of her she was in a driveway filled with bags and bags of trash, old broken furniture, and just plain garbage. I knew I did not want to stay in this neighborhood with a bunch of cash in my hand long.The owner selling her was very nice, her name is Sylvia .She said a man from Michigan had called the night before and wanted to beat me to her with an extra 100.00. Sylvia said being an honest woman , she just couldn't do that to me seeing we had already had our appointment made 2 days prior. I am sooo thankful.

Ms. Shasta is in great but rough shape. Her interior is mostly gone, she has a broken window, door, no wiring, and  some missing lights. But on the good side her chassis  is in great shape, and she has found the owner that will love her forever, and give her the utmost care. I can't wait for the day she can go down the road  proud and get thumbs up from drivers instead of honks because her door was flapping in the breeze.

 We got the make shift lights going enough to get her home.I have to thank my best friends husband Tim for all the help and understanding he has given me .I love ya man!, and could not have gotten her without you.

Last night I was shocked when gossip about her turned up on a vintage Shasta forum.Her's wha they're saying.. 

I went out to take measurements of the Shasta. I really need to get a game plan before Spring.

 When the weather warms up and she gets home from the electrician, it will be balls to the walls for this girl.

 Next on my list is a floor plan. Then finding recycled furniture to equip the kitchen . OH LORDY!!!


  1. OMG!!!! OMG I JUST SHOWED THE HUBBY AND MAYBE WE CAN BUY/FIND ONE LATER!! She is in pretty good shape! And that airconditioner....take out the innerds and put a small flat screen in it!!! But keep the face part of it!!! That would be cool. The wood looks great, just a little window leakage from one of the windows!! That is just soooo awesome! I am so jealous of you babe!! For real!!!!! I cant imagine what she will look like when yas get done with her!!!! Wish I could help!!! xoxo

  2. AAWWWW Thanks Pam.Keep checking Craigslist in your area.I wish you did live near me , we could have a ball!!!Flat screen would be a GREAT idea!!!!a new air conditioner will go in one of the side compartment doors...concealed of course.I just decided to use my vintage buffet for the kitchen, it measures perfectly.The front dining area will have to be built(by me of course).Lots of work plus where to store her that's safe...uuugghhh xoxoxoxo